February 2023

buying a diamond

What advantages do lab-grown diamonds offer?

The adage has been updated to state that a girl’s best friend is now a lab grown diamond . While proponents of the conventional stone may disagree, jewellers and lovers of diamonds realise that lab grown diamonds, chemically similar to mined diamonds, are the new symbol of enduring love. As the name suggests, lab grown diamond produce in an environment comparable to that in which they naturally develop, including high pressures and temperatures.

Greater clarity and better performance:

Unlike naturally mined stones, which have dirt and other impurities embedded in them, lab grown diamond is purer than those obtained through mining. Because they get produced under strictly regulated circumstances, they exhibit fewer flaws and less crystallographic strain. A diamond with higher purity will likely be superior, whiter, and more brilliant.

Inexpensive gems in a range of hues:

Natural coloured diamonds sell for exorbitant prices due to their scarcity value, but lab-grown coloured diamonds are available for a portion of the cost. In addition, lab-grown coloured diamonds are more pure, uniform in colour, and more accessible than naturally coloured stones, making them brighter and more ideal. The affordability of lab-grown gems is another benefit. Thanks to technological advancements, a lab-grown diamond now costs about the same as a genuine diamond. However, selecting a lab-grown synthetic over a native will get a 10–30% cost. Additionally, the savings rise if you’re looking to purchase a coloured diamond.

buying a diamond

Responsibly sourced:

Lab-grown gemstones are an alternative to the challenging conditions that miners go through to extract diamonds from the ground. You can be confident that you will participate in a conflict-free dig. High-Pressure Temperature (HPT) and Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) aid in pressurising and accurately forming a lovely diamond. A lab-grown diamond that gets produced ethically will also have its sources revealed. Find out at Diamonds On Richmond how to buy your lab-grown versus natural diamonds for you or a loved one.

They are Not Guilty:

You might not always take a diamond’s history when buying one. But as reports of young miners for diamonds gain popularity and global humanitarian causes gain popularity, your potential wife might feel guilty every time she sees the sparkling stone on her finger. It can be challenging to determine whether your buy supports a questionable diamond mine by researching the mining history of the diamonds. However, as the term implies, lab-grown diamonds are created in laboratories. You can rest assured that you are not encouraging these harsh things.