The Gender International

A Network in Defense of Gender and Sexuality Studies

The Gender International is a cross-regional network of scholars in gender and sexuality studies (including feminist, queer, and trans studies). It has two objectives:  to gather information about and to mobilize in response to the crusade against the so-called “ideology of gender.” Our network focuses on the attacks against academics and academic programs;  our mission is to explain and defend gender studies in higher education and academic research against unwarranted and polemical efforts to undermine its legitimacy.

What do we do?

  • Exchange information across continents, regions, and countries: in order to stay current with attacks on gender studies in different continents and countries, we need an international network to collect and circulate information on these campaigns and circulate research published on these issues (selected information on the topic will appear on this site from time to time).


  • Connect faculty and students for the purpose of rapid-response and mobilizations. The network focuses on various kinds of interventions:  1) letters, petitions, editorials, and media coverage bringing to light the nature of the attacks and calling for support for individuals and programs threatened with censorship or elimination.  2) members of the network may serve as contacts for the media and for the institutions affected in their own countries or regions.