#4GenderStudies – International Awareness Day for Gender Studies


 International Awareness Day for Gender Studies

 In 2017 Gender Studies scholars in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland initiated the Gender Studies Awareness Day. #4GenderStudies on December 18 is intended to show a broad public the diverse, interdisciplinary fields of work and addresses the much-discussed relevance of gender studies. The campaign is a response to the world-wide recurring massive right-wing and neo-reactionary attacks against individuals and institutions in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies.

Gender studies is a heterogeneous trans- and interdisciplinary field of research in which the social significance of gender and the various forms of gender relations are analyzed from different theoretical perspectives and with different methodological tools.

The heterogeneity of gender studies as well as the intellectual potential of gender studies are reflected not least in the fact that this analytical perspective has been anchored in many disciplines, which has undoubtedly enriched and expanded the respective epistemological and methodological approaches. Be it in educational science, in ethnology/cultural anthropology, history, cultural studies, and media studies or in the natural sciences, in law, philology, philosophy, sociology, economics, and engineering, gender studies significantly contributes to the production of academic knowledge.

To find out about the many events organized in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the International Awareness Day for Gender Studies, use the hashtag #4GenderStudies on Twitter.

Here is the program of events organized in Berlin.